Atla Tadde (Girls Fest)

March 27, 2013 | By More

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Vuyyala Jampala (Forgot fear)

Indians Concept School, Gopalapuram Celebrates  Atla Thadde in School for Girls only. The Correspondent tells Its  was an ancient Girls Festival in India,  This Festival Gives Strength, Courage, Dare, Stamina to face problems, Personality Development etc., to the Young Girls. To day all Girls of the village were gathered to One Place like Racha Banda, or the center of the Village and playing Games. Those Game are given the above all aspects to YOUNG GIRLS. To introduce these Games to our Girls. We celebrate the ATLA THADDE at Indians Concept SChool.

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Atla Thadde aaratlu, Mudda pappu muudaTlu, (Strength For Hands)

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Gudugude Guncham GunDe Ragam, Pamula Patnam PaToki bellaM… (Fingers Exercise)

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Uppulakuppa Vayyari BHama (Stamina for Legs and Hands)


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KabaDi KabaDi, (Dare ness)

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Thokkudu Billa

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